Team Enhancement Services

Leadingwell Associates has been involved over the years in helping a wide variety of work teams become more effective. This effort in enhancing the functioning of working teams has been applied for corporate departments, cross functional work teams in businesses, multiple company work teams in engineering and construction projects, and community committees and task forces.

Occasionally, Leadingwell is asked to be an ongoing support for and coach to a working team. Leadingwell has been the team building consultant for some major engineering and construction projects, involved as a coach and consultant to the multiple company work teams from the inception of the multiyear project until its completion.

In other instances, Leadingwell has performed a one-time function, helping a work team resolve conflicts or enhance performance and teamwork. Over the years, Leadingwell supported a number of companies and departments within companies, serving as ongoing team consultant, and typically holding a team-building workshop once or twice a year.

Typical assignments have included:

  1. Create a series of team experiences during the three years of a complex construction project. All experiences would involve representatives of the project architect, the engineers, the construction manager, the building contractor, and building subcontractors.
  2. Create a team building workshop for a work team which is experiencing internal conflict because of growth and many new team members.
  3. Create and lead a process throughout a company to discern, declare, and measure performance against core values.