Leadership Team Collaboration Services

A 13675Frequently, Leadingwell Associates is asked to be the process designer and facilitator of a process to create a collaborative outcome for a leadership group or a group of broader constituents. These applications have been wide and diverse over the years. These have typically led to the leadership group establishing their mission, vision, or direction.
Typically, Leadingwell is involved in designing an overall process which includes specific off-site meetings in a retreat setting. This overall process often includes some form of a survey in advance of the leadership group coming together. Also typically, Leadingwell Associates is involved in advising on follow-up actions, frequently leading some of the follow-up efforts.

Although much of Leadingwell’s work focuses on policy and direction, the firm is also invited at times to help a leadership team reach consensus on a difficult and thorny matter. Sometimes, Leadingwell has been asked to help partners in a firm collaborate better together, and especially to agree upon future direction and keys strategies to pursue that direction. Although sometimes this mediation is in a broader group, in has, at times, been directly interpersonal mediation between two leaders.

Typical assignments have included:

  1. Design and facilitate the annual board retreat for a United Way agency to allow the board and senior staff to establish the next five-year vision and plan
  2. Design and facilitate a multi-stakeholder process for a large church to collaboratively set goals and the long-range plan for the very first time
  3. Design and facilitate a board process for the merger of two independent governing boards, brought together by combining a new high school with an existing middle school