Leadership Development Services

Leadingwell Associates provides a wide variety of leadership development experiences, always specially tailored to the needs of the clients. The emphasis is always on practical approaches and techniques. Although a theoretical and research based reference is provided, the much of the development programs or process are experiential.

Leadingwell has provided workshops for community leadership organizations, for business groups, for diverse community groups, and for both small and large corporate groups. The focus is always on the practice of effective leadership. Some care is taken to distinguish between effective practices of management, on the one hand, and effective practices of leadership, on the other. This distinction may be best understood by the phrase: lead the people, manage the process.

Because of the focus on "leading the people," the emphasis in these leadership development experiences have typically included the following:

  1. Values and integrity
  2. Visionary leadership
  3. Servant leadership and empowerment
  4. Consensus building

Typical assignments have included:

  1. Teach diverse community leaders effective collaborative skills for bringing diverse people together — as part of an annual community leadership program
  2. Enhance the leadership practices of a company "diversity group" — to help them "accelerate" their management and leadership career in the company
  3. Help a new supervisor's group by making them aware of and giving them techniques for the "soft skills" of leadership
  4. Develop and deliver a short course for seminarians in practical leadership techniques for being effective in leading staff and volunteers in a parish community